Architecture: “Like it has always been there…”

Foote Farm is dedicated to the historical and traditional architecture of New England, including its various influences and interpretations. The intent is to create a neighborhood of homes that, like each homesite, are unique and offer their own feeling of Vermont while giving the appearance that each has “always been there”.

Lot owners are free to select an architect (or other source of plans) and building contractor of their choice. To protect everyone’s investment and maintain the intended character of the neighborhood, protective covenants are in place.

Exterior design and finish materials should incorporate a  traditional Vermont colonial, farmhouse or agriculturally-influenced design. Given the woodland and meadow environment, natural forest colors such as browns, greens, or grays are encouraged.

Each lot has an approved 100’x100′ building envelope on which primary construction must be located. Disturbance beyond the building envelope should be minimized. Underground utilities (power, telephone, septic) are in place and stubbed to the entrance of each lot. Fiber optic internet and satellite TV are available. The community septic system eliminates separate leach fields on each lot.